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Artist canvas NADIB BANDI performed with acrylic spray with the addition of fine finishes with acrylic marker.

In a post-graffiti-abstract style, this work particularly highlights the fairly refined interiors and little nuance in color, thanks to its bright colors and the multidirectionality of its features.
However, its very large elongated dimension and its red and brown tones also allow it to highlight interiors with a more classic style.

It will be essential for this to allow the painting to breathe, both on the wall that hosts it, and on the level of the surrounding furniture.

Hindsight will ensure that the eye can appreciate all the work on the speed of lines and the play of depths, while better recognizing the semi-figurative elements present.

Bandi is a French artist originally from Geneva, and working in Paris. Coming from the graffiti movement of the 90s, he himself describes his work as “contemporary abstract graffiti” or “post-futurist graffiti”.
Like many writers of his generation, he began to practice graffiti by frequenting the train tracks. Then, after more than 20 years of practice, he ended up gaining some artistic experience in his installations, paintings, murals, drawings and editing works.
In recent years, his interest in painting has led him to participate in numerous international graffiti events, exhibitions and festivals.

Dimensions: 331 x 141 x 5.5 cm.

Finish mounted on frame, satin anti-UV varnish.

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